Date of birth: November 25, 1937

Birth Name: Baby boy, Aragon

When Adopted: Ronald William Sallows

Upon 'mother's' re-marriage: Ronald William Riordan (After a few years in Hollywood, first name was changed to, Christopher.)

Height: 5' 11"

Baby boy, Aragon was born to Amelia Mary Aragon, and was the seventh of her eight children. The first five children were fathered by a Joseph Aragon, who died somewhere between 1932 and 1935. No one seems to know the father(s) of the sixth, seventh and eighth child. Numbers 6 & 8 child were adopted within the family. Only Christopher was adopted outside of the family.

Seemingly, the adoption should have been ideal. The couple came from wealth, and good breeding. However, within a year or so of the adoption, the Sallows couple separated, and ultimately divorced. Before long, Mrs. Sallows became, Mrs. Riordan; and this is the man that Christopher was told was his father. That is, until he reached the age of 15.

At that time, the Riordan marriage was over. This was received with mixed emotions from Christopher. On one hand, he feared what divorce would bring; but on the other hand, he had now found out (in a not very nice way) that Riordan was not only NOT his father, but that he was adopted, as well. This was a relief, actually. Because by this time, Christopher somehow KNEW that he was NOT a part of 'these people.'

Growing up, Christopher saw his 'mother' drinking too much, and keeping company with other men. Mr. Riordan didn't drink too much; he was mean enough without alcohol. To be brief, the mental and physical abuse was truly overwhelming.

After yet another so-called marriage, where the physical abuse got even worse, Christopher ran away from home, shorty after graduating from High School.

Once in Hollywood, his life changed completely. First, at M-G-M, where he was immediately given a small role in, "Somebody Up There Likes Me," and then after meeting Montgomery Clift, another role in, "Raintree County."

Christopher was kept busy between film, TV, stage, and nightclub work from then on. In 1962, Christopher was seen by Fred Astaire, and his choreographer, Hermes Pan, and was hired to dance with Barrie Chase. This union consisted of appearing in Las Vegas, on The Hollywood Palace, etc.

Hermes Pan hired Christopher for several films ("My Fair Lady", "The Great Race", etc.) televisions shows (Carol Channing Special, The Hollywood Palace, etc.) ... and then, more serious acting parts started coming in. Eventually, Christopher even received 'Single Card Billing.' Not bad, for a kid who ran away from home to be in the movies.

Christopher has one son, by a very early marriage. His son also works in films and television; but on the other side of the camera.

And now, even in his 80's, Christopher is still doing films, television and nightclubs.

Christopher is the last actor to reside in Rudolph Valentino's home, Falcon Lair. The original house no longer exists.

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